We’re committed to providing you with the highest quality and professional service. 


Our staff members are highly skilled and have years of experience and certifications. But, their dedication to making sure your needs are met doesn't come from that, it comes from within. And it's embraced and appreciated by all of our staff. 

Quality in our service is not just what we put into it but also what our customer gets out of it.

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Our Team




Turbo Concrete Cutting & Drilling Corp is a family run business with over 30 years of experience in the concrete industry serving Ontario.  We are big enough to handle your large job requirements and small enough to ensure your receive the personalized, attention to detail service you deserve.

1988 – 1994  Nelson Concrete
-Started as a helper and within a year the nickname Turbo was put in place, always pushing hard to get the job done.
-As a smaller company I had the privilege of moving around the equipment and had the opportunity to get fluent on the wall saw, slab saw and core drilling.

1994 – 2010   Graff Concrete
-This was like going to the Olympics for me, so much equipment, men and trucks.
-The skills I developed were put to the test and the experience I gained was invaluable.
-Now working for the biggest concrete cutting company in Ontario, the jobs and challenges where sometimes next to impossible.
-Completing everything put before me , I believe I became one of their few men that you could send to any job.

2010 – 2015   Canadian Cutting and Coring
-I believe I got here at the right time. It was a company already to take everything to the next level with changing and upgrading all their equipment.
-I was blessed with a new truck and all new equipment.
-I believe I played a significant role in bringing them to the next level where they are today, one of the biggest, if not the biggest in Ontario.
-I took on every job no matter how big or small and completed them in a safe and timely manner.

2015 –  Future   Turbo Concrete Cutting and Drilling Corp.

-A check off the bucket list.
-I've spent the better part of my life honing my skills and helping other company's grow and build their reputations in the market place.  It's now my time to begin a new chapter. 
-Team Turbo brings experience and meticulous detail to any project you can challenge us with. We have the ability to take care of your cutting, drilling and scanning needs, worry free.
-Cutting Concrete can be a complicated and messy job so when precision and care matters, you want a seasoned professional on your job site so you can focus your time on other important aspects of your project.